My Holiday plan.

Holiday Plan. Ilham: Hey, Christian! How are you today?
Christian: I'm fine thank you! how about you ham?\
Ilham : i fine too thank you. What is your plan for next holiday?
Christian: My plan for next holiday? maybe i want go to Banyuwangi for hiking in Mountain.Raung, or go to Lombok,NTB for hiking in Mountain.Rinjani,  i want to sleep for a long time, hangout with my friend in Bandung, hangout with my family to all place in Indonesia, but 25 December i have to celebrate  Merry Christmas.
Ilham : Woah , so many plans but it's all great! I hope you can do all of your plan in next holiday.
christian: Hehe, thank's. So what is your  plan on next holiday?
Ilham : maybe, i will spending my time with my girlfriend, hangout with my friend, go to some place in Indonesia with my family, and celebrate new year eve.
Christian: wow, your plans is nice too, i hope some day we can go on vacation together.
Ilham: yes, let's go on vacation some day.
christian: Yes sure.

My Worst Day.

Once upon a time,  i have a story from my worst day ever when i was young. in the morning, i have to go to school and my school is far away from my home, usually my father delivered me to my school, but at  that time my father could not get me to my school because my father was out of town for meeting, my mother could not take me to my school because my mother could not ride the vehicle.
      At that time I am very confused because i don't know how i go to school and the clock show me 06.30 AM, and i should came in school at 06.45 AM. My neighbor sees me confused and he come to me and ask me why me see confused and i tell him.
       His name is Mr.Dimas, he works in an office near my school, and he invites me to go to school with him, oh my Godddd I am very happy when Mr.Dimas said  to invite me go to school. i very bless to my god, and i very thank you much to Mr.Dimas, and in that day i think i am is the most blessed people in the world. finally i go to schhol with Mr.Dimas.


Ilham  : Hello, My name is Ilham (handshake), May I know your   name please? Chris   : Sure, I am Christian Panca Junianto, I am from New York USA. Ilham  : What?!!! it's so far from here dude!! What are you doing     here? Chris   : Hahaha.. Yes, I know it's so far from Indonesia, I am on a   vacation. How about you ham? Ilham  : I am from Suriah, I am on vacation same of you. Chris   : Where will you go ham? Ilham  : I will go to Raja Ampat, How about you? Chris   : I will go to Bali. lham  : I have never go to Bali, but I heard Bali is Beautiful. Chris   : Yes, that's why I want go to Bali. Ilham  : My Sister has visited Bali and She said it is beautiful. Chris   : Ooooh, Why do you want go to Raja Ampat? Ilham  : I Think Raja Ampat is the most beautiful place in the           world. Chris: Can I have your phone number, because i think next time we can hangout together. Ilham: Of course, here's my number ( give my phone number ) Chris: Thank's a lot dude, nice to m…

It's me!!!!

Hello My Friend!!
Welcome to my blog. i want to story all about me. My name is Christian Panca Junianto, you can call me "chris".  I was born on 13th June 2002. I lived at Bandung, West Java. I graduated from 30 Junior High School And now I school at 3 Senior High School in grade X Science 6.

My father is a soldier, his name is Joni Nainggolan, and my mother is housewife, her name is Komala Sari. I love both of them.  I am the youngest child of 5 children in my family. I have two brother Bayu and Jose, and two sister, Putri and Nanda. I love my family more than anything.
Playing Basketball is my hobby, Maybe you can join me to play basketball together:) My favourite food is fried rice, it's very  delicous.
I love to hung out with my friend, I love saturday ,because in that day, i can spend my time with my friend. usually i spend my holiday in cafe,mall,and montain.

I have a big dream, my dream is become a success man. to be a succses man i need a support, and my family i…